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Printable Graph Paper and Ruled Handwriting Paper Pages

This site’s focus is obviously math worksheets, but that doesn’t mean a few extra goodies can’t work their way into the mix. Another fun family past time here is spelling test practice. This year, on Wednesday evening we also write out and turn in sentences using each of the week’s spelling words. Between all this spelling entertainment and the cursive handwriting practice, we’re using up a lot of lined handwriting paper. I had previously created a master in Quark that I have been copying repeatedly, but lately the need for slightly smaller rules came up. In the interest of sharing, I went ahead and created a whole new set of resource pages for the site that include different rules and layouts for various activities. And just in time for this week’s spelling word sentences tonight… My daughter will be thrilled when she gets home! Along the way, this created the infrastructure necessary to produce similar resource pages for printable graph paper in both plain and engineering layouts. The sets are in both metric and standard sizes, but because of variations in printers there’s a slight amount of drift so please regard the dimensions as approximate. Links to the new pages are below… Printable Graph Paper Printable Ruled Handwriting Paper