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We Have Money Problems

My friends, in these troubling economic times, money problems are all around us. As a country we must thoroughly prepare ourselves and our young heirs for the challenges ahead, be they addition, subtraction, multiplication or, yes, even division. We must let no problem oppose us, for on our side is math literacy and against every difficulty we can calculate our ultimate response. We must compound our savings and, with fortune's grace, cube-root our expenses. And, at the end, there will be cookies for all. The road ahead of us will not be short, nor will it be easy, but in the end we will prevail. If we persevere and instill in future generations the knowledge and skill needed to navigate these spiraling fiscal metaphors, we may yet sustain our economy in a way that fully secures our lavish and government assisted retirements. Maybe. Meanwhile, you might be able to give your kids a leg up on the world by checking out the money word problem worksheets just posted here... Money Word Problems