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Pre-Algebra and Elapsed Time Worksheets

The more homework that emerges from my eight year old's backpack, the more the worksheet ideas keep coming out. I already have a few interesting ones on my "To Do" list here, but meanwhile a few that take advantage of the existing worksheet layouts added to the overall worksheet count this week. Even in third grade, it seems like there is an heightened focus on reversing operations in preparation for those back-and-forth gymnastics across the equal sign that all algebra students love so much. This is one of those areas that as an adult you might overlook as being trivial, but the blank stares here suggest that perspective from the seats with shorter legs may be different. Still, nothing a few hundred practice problems in various formats can't address... Pre-Algebra Operations Worksheets Pre-Algebra Word Problem Worksheets And with the holidays already upon us and eyes turning back on the calendar, what could be more appropriate than a collection of worksheets dealing with elapsed wall-clock time? New Elapsed Time Worksheets As always, you can browse the entire existing library of worksheets by expanding one of the topic areas in the 'Worksheet' sidebar to the left, or simply click the 'Worksheet' link at the top of the page. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!