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Mean, Median and Range Worksheets

The worksheet count keeps growing steadily, and while I missed the mean/median/mode unit due to some serious distractions here the new mean median and range worksheets on this topic are now up. I’m working on some of the typesetting, especially for the answer keys, and I hope to continue to enhance the style and readability a bit. The new answer keys use Comic Sans MS to show the work and results, which I think makes for a nicer layout, especially with some of the more complex and multi-part answers. Other updates to the site are ongoing. One notable new memory of the worksheet family is a set of division “facts only” sheets that exclude problems with divisors greater than denominators. The conventional Rocket Math division series requires memorizing these facts as having an answer of zero, but in the practice work here it seemed like this was creating confusion when bouncing between multiplication and division fact practice. Also, we continue to struggle with borrowing across zero in subtraction, and some extra review came to the rescue here. You can find additional sets of practice worksheets in the subtraction section. Links to all the new material is below, or explore using the ‘Worksheets’ navigation menu on the right edge of the page. Mean, Median and Range Worksheets New Division “Facts Only” Worksheets More Borrowing Across Zero Worksheets