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Summer Worksheet Updates

Here’s a few quick worksheet updates to keep young math magicians busy! The multiple digit multiplication worksheets have been updated to not include any problems where a multiplicand is one. We’ve been hitting multiple-digit multiplication pretty hard over the summer. It’s great review for the basic multiplication facts and keeps the mechanics of the multi-digit process fresh for when school starts back up. However, the 1xN digit worksheets, there was a 11% probability that a problem would have a ‘1’ in it. I’m hoping my daughter won’t notice that these “gimme” problems are gone now… Not wanting to neglect the division operator, the recent updates include responses to a few recent user requests for more specific division series problems. You can now find division problems for doubles plus one as well as progressive division facts for small remainders in two new series of worksheets. I hope your summer vacations are all going well! Updated Multiple Digit Multiplication Worksheets Division Worksheets for Doubles Plus One Division Worksheets with Progressive Remainders