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Word Form, Expanded Form and Standard Form Worksheets Updated

The standard form, expanded form and word form worksheets have been updated. These sheets deal with composing and decomposing large numbers into various forms, including the spoken-form of numbers. Previously, problems on some of these worksheets that included a large gap in the place-value sequence would have been translated incorrectly. An example would be a number like 5,000,123 which has no value in the middle thousands triplet. Problems of this sort were quite scarce since the way the previous sets of worksheets were constructed, there was only a 1-in-1000 chance that a particular number would have an incorrectly formed answer. In turned out, these were exactly the sort of problems we were having trouble with on a quiz here and when I went searching for problems of that type, I actually had to create a whole new series of worksheets that specifically included more zeroes in the problems. These new worksheets are identified in their descriptions as “with gaps” and you’ll find them mixed into the existing series. Hope your school years are all progressing well! You’ll find the new worksheets here… Numbers in Standard, Expanded and Word Form