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General Worksheet Improvements, More Fractions Coming!

The number of new worksheets posted has been a little slow lately, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been a number of useful changes. The worksheets on the site have all been refreshed and I think you’ll find a number of sheets are more useful. At a high level, I just enhanced many of the sheets so that the mix of operands and problems should be greatly enhanced. Previously, many operands in the problems would be reused in some of the more complex worksheets, and in some cases you’d see the same number pop up with some suspicious frequency. The new sheets are considerably more random. Also, the mix of problems is more carefully controlled in series worksheets (like the Mad Math Minutes/Rocket Math/Spaceship Math series, or other math facts series sheets.) In particular, you will find that many of these series start to de-emphasize the more basic math facts as the series progresses, putting more focus on specific facts that kids are more likely to have trouble with (for example, dropping problems like 4-4 in favor of 13-7). You should see this especially in the subtraction, multiplication and whole facts division fact worksheets. More fraction worksheets are on deck, including comparisons of fractions which seems to be the current trouble spot here. Meanwhile, wishing all of you the best as school years wrap up and summer vacation peeks its head over the calendar…