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Worksheets for Reducing Fractions

A new collection of worksheets on reducing fractions has been posted. These sheets are at several levels of difficulty and include simple reductions and reducing improper fractions to mixed numbers in the lowest form. Answer keys show the reductions in the same style as the other fraction worksheets. I’m working on additional worksheets dealing with converting fractions to their decimal equivalents, and then I think we’ll have wrapped up the basic fractions sheets. Having hit adding fractions, subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions and dividing fractions, we should be pretty complete for basic fraction related topics. I’ll do an overview post on all of the fraction content at that point, and then I’ll be (gladly!) moving on to a new topic area. Going through fractions with my daughter has been tough, and thankfully something ‘clicked’ for her along the way, although frankly I’m not sure what or how. Especially for multiplication and division, it was a topic area where I struggled to get across the relationships between the numbers and not just the procedures (although I admit to repeating the phrase, “Take the reciprocal and multiply” so many times I now mumble it in my sleep.) Regardless of my bumbling efforts, my nearly-5th grader seems to have the concepts down now, and this Dad is relieved. You can find the new worksheets are at the link below, or navigate the ‘Worksheet’ menu on the side of the page. Worksheets for Reducing Fractions Hope you’ve had a great summer!