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Division Worksheet With the youngest in first grade, we're just starting the gradual ascent up the multiplication and division mountains. Division especially is one of those topics that you really want to get right once, quickly and up front. The older girl seemed to grasp division and remainders almost magically, which left her guide thankfully with more time at the base camp relaxing with a hot cup of coffee. We're starting a bit earlier with my second young explorer, and to get her off on the right foot I've put together some worksheets that illustrate division more conceptually. You'll find the a new collection of what I'm calling "Picture Math Division" at the link below... Picture Math Division Worksheets These worksheets use a grid (sometimes supplied, sometimes drawn by the student) to break a division problem down into counting sets. This lets us introduce division with remainders in a very natural and obvious way. Variants of the worksheets also include word problem form for some of the more simple problems. Happy climbing!