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As promised, a follow up to last week's Inch Measurement Worksheets is here, and unsurprisingly it's a set of similar measurement worksheets for centimeters and millimeters. You'll find all the new goodies at the link below... Metric Measurement Worksheets Just like the inch versions, variants of these worksheets require the student to identify specific measurements on the ruler, as well as measure the length of an object. The object starts out at the zero position, but more advanced worksheets move the object to mid-points on the ruler. If you are just starting to teach the metric system, there is a great introduction in the Overview of the Metric System post from a few months back. This post discuss the relationship between metric distance, volume and mass units, as well as providing an introduction to the various prefix and base combinations used to produce different metric units. Re-reading this post has been a great review for the oldest daughter before certain math units as well as several science tests. Ruler for Metric Worksheets