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More Negative Number Worksheets!

In an effort to help out those folks making WalMart sale signs (or possibly to help you savvy shoppers cleverly decode the meaning of “saving” -$10 if that sign really is accurate), I’ve posted some additional worksheets in the negative numbers section. We had a good start with negative number addition and subtraction worksheets. Most of the new worksheets are for negative multiplication and negative division. You’ll find variations of basic math facts as well as multiple-digit multiplication and long division problems. Hope these save you from any unexpected expenses during your back-to-school shopping! Multiplication and Division with Negative Number Facts Multi-Digit Multiplication with Negative Numbers Long Division with Negative Numbers If these worksheets (or actually any of the worksheets elsewhere on the site) are useful, please consider clicking the Google “+1” button near the top of the page underneath the DadsWorksheets logo. Your vote will help other people find the site. Thanks for your support!