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More Multiplication, Plus Worksheet Updates!

Well, we're hitting the Mad Minute worksheets pretty hard and fast as the days of summer draw to a close, and I'm also trying to make a dent in my long to-do list of worksheet updates. In addition to some minor fixes to titles in the subtraction facts and some phrasing corrections to some word problem worksheets, I posted a new series of multiplication worksheets... Worksheets for Money Multiplication These worksheets came from a visitor suggestion for worksheets to help practice calculating dollar amounts from prices and quantities. It includes variations where the quantity is a decimal, so some of the answers require rounding to get to the final dollars and cents. That makes these worksheets a great followup to basic decimal multiplication. Thanks as always to friends in the comments who've made suggestions or pointed out things that need to be tweaked. Your support and feedback is always appreciated! Enjoy the rest of your summer!