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Worksheets for Prime Factorization

Sometimes a picture just doesn’t cut it. As the math topics have grown more involved, I try to make sure the answer keys for the worksheets reflect not just the result, but the process used to get there. I think that’s one factor that sets apart from many other math websites. The fraction worksheets are one example where there is  a lot more work invested in getting the answer keys looking good than in creating the problems in the first place. That’s certainly the case with the new series of Prime Factorization Tree Worksheets I just posted. The worksheets themselves are pretty simple… The problems are just a number! But the answers keys show complete factor trees, plus a two-step conversion to the factorization in exponential form. You can see an example here. This is some really cool stuff, worksheet geek-wise anyway. But, even more fun is adapting the programming to produce a movie. So, without further adieu, I present’s premiere video, Prime Factorizations of 2 through 9,999 in all of its YouTube glory. I’m already picking out my attire for Oscar night. Meanwhile, please check out the new worksheets (and the answer keys!) at the link below…    Prime Factorization Worksheets Prime factorizations are great tools for understanding the relationships between two numbers, both compositionally for multiplication and decompositionally for division. Look for future worksheets based on this same layout that use prime factorizations to find greatest common denominators (GCD) and least common multiples (LCM). Be sure to check out the Prime Factorization Calculator if you need help with any of these problems! And welcome back to school!