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What is a Quart? Conversion Worksheets to the Rescue!

Chocolate Milk Quart The series of conversion worksheets has finally arrived at imperial measurements commonly used in the United States. While these lack the easy math associated with the metric or SI units, they correspond to the familiar grocery items the girls and I are intimately familiar with. (Yeah, go ahead and judge. I'm holding down the math end of the "good parenting" responsibilities, even if there is a chocolate cow out there somewhere with our family's name written on it. In Hershey's syrup no less, I'm sure.) So the conversion worksheets are a bit different from the metric versions because fractional answers are in the smaller units (for example, you get answers in "pounds and ounces" instead of just a decimal number of kilograms.) The worksheet series builds up to those kinds of answers, so the earlier ones in the sets are always whole units, but you'll really need to have down the whole gallons/quarts/pints/cups/ounces thing for volume. Maybe time to hit the chocolate milk. Strictly for review, of course. New worksheets are posted at the link below, or through the worksheet menu... Customary Measurement Conversion Worksheets