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Lost a Flash Card? No Worries!

Printable Math Flashcards If you’re like our family, flash cards have been a staple activity in the backseat of the car. I’m hoping this is setting an example for appropriate and fun things to do there well into the teenage years. Contemplating the future as a Dad can be stressful sometimes. The cards themselves aren’t happy either. They get mangled in the seat mechanism, trampled under foot, used for impromptu note paper or sucked out the window. If you’re on the move with flash cards, you’d better plan on them being essentially disposable. Enter Dad’s printable flash cards! No more worries about lost math facts! Need extra practice for a troublesome problem? Mix a few extra cards in. And actually, because of the way the site lays sheets out in multiples of four, each set already includes duplicates of the more difficult facts in each series, clearly marked so you can remove them if you want. You can find the new flash card sheets here... Free Printable Math Flash Cards To make them up, simply print the worksheet side, then flip the page over and print the answer key side on the back. Reversing margins across printers can sometimes be imprecise, but there’s plenty of slack in the borders to get consistent results. Use a slightly thicker paper so the cards are easier to handle and the reverse of the card doesn’t show through. One other bonus we’ve found here is the ability to print cards in different colors. The Wausau Astrobrights Paper is a fun staple around here and works well through the printer for projects like this. I’m toying with using a set of green cards in general, and then sorting additional red facts in for problems that we seem to be missing. Making a “get the red out” game I’m hoping will make flash card drills a little more interesting, and might make initial recall of the missing fact a little easier. We’ll see. If you come up with other flash card ideas, leave a comment and let everyone know.