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Printable Graph Paper is Back!

Graph Paper There's been some issues of late with the printable graph paper, notably some browsers didn't like the way I specified the width of the lines that make up the grid. As a result some of the lines didn't show up, so many of the pages looked blank. This has been fixed up and hopefully everybody's browser is happy now. If you experience any trouble printing any of the graph paper pages, please drop a notes in the comments here and be sure to mention which browser and operating system you're using. As before, the printable graph paper pages can be found at this link... Printable Graph Paper I also tried to tune the margins a bit so that the pages would print on a wider range of printers without spilling onto additional pages. If you experience this with the graph paper, or even any of the regular math worksheet pages, remember you can often adjust your printing settings directly in the browser's print dialog or via the "Page Setup" command. Turning off headers and footers or setting the printer margins to values like "Minimal" often give you more printable area on a page. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!