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Looking for a New Twist on Multiplication Practice?

Spiral Multiplication Math Fact Worksheet This is really hard for me to say, but let's be honest. Sometimes math worksheets are linear. Sequential. Grid-like. Boring. When you're drilling through the operations and trying to really build mastery of those math facts, working through rows and rows of problems on worksheet after worksheet can start to seem like more of the same. I know for me, just grading them, I'm really eager for even a small twist on the familiar, a touch of unique. A touch of... spiral. Spiralness. Spirality. Spiraltaneity. Whatever. So let me introduce to you this new worksheet layout, starting with spiral multiplication math facts. We're still playing with them here and so far it's a hit, but I'm definitely looking for your feedback. Getting dizzy? Too many fact problems? Or not enough? Let me know. Also, if there's interest, I can build worksheets where the spiral is more suited for left-handed matheletes, as I think the current layout is better adapted for right handed students. Regardless, these were a lot of fun to build and I hope you enjoy them... Worksheets for addition, subtraction and division math facts will be coming soon. Spiral Multiplication Math Fact Worksheets