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Young, Old or In-Between... You Know You Need to Know Your Age Down to Second!

age-calculator Have you ever wondered EXACTLY how old you are? Or how close you are to your next birthday? Or exactly how far apart in age you are from someone you know? Or whether your 52nd birthday is going to be on Monday or a Tuesday? Come on. You know you need to know. These are fascinating questions, not just for kids but adults too. While you and I may be hoping our birthday is just a little further away while at the same time our kids are literally counting down the days before they get to rip open more presents, our fascination with dates is the same. We all want to know when and where the time goes and how long until we get there. Click Here for the Age Calculator Enter the new Age Calculator! Give it a spin and it’ll tell you the answer to all of the questions above, plus provide facts like what day of the week your birthday lands on (past, present and future), your astrological sign and more. Hover the cursor over the events in the calculator and you’ll get more details about each individual event, and you can use the arrows at the top and bottom of the display to scroll the calendar forward and backward in time to see more events. If you make a selection in the lower part of the Age Calculator, you can look at other age-related events. Ready to settle that whole, “I’m so and so months older that you, so I know better than you…” argument definitively? Want to compare your age to a friend? Or your brother or sister? Or, (at your own risk) your spouse? Try the “Friend’s Birthday” function in the calculator and you’ll be well armed. Curious about the next U.S. Presidential Election? The calculator will tell you when it will happen, and whether you’ll be eligible to vote or not. And, for future elections, I’ve taken a stab at a few possible candidates. I mean, up until the robots take over everything, at that point I’m not sure we get to vote anymore. Want a quick and easy way to see how much money you need to save, and how much that money is worth in today’s dollars? The “Savings Calculator” function will let you specify an amount, investment frequency, rate of return and inflation rate. You can get a detailed breakdown of the investment over time by hovering over dates in the calendar part of the calculator, but you’ll get a ten year summary right in the age calculator’s display. No matter what you use it for, this Age Calculator is a lot of fun to play with. I hope you’ll use it with your kids to talk about ages, birthdays, calendars and this whole passing of time thing. If you use it in your classroom, drop me a note in the comments and let me know what you did and how it worked for you, or if you just found it interesting please share it with your friends! And all I want for Christmas is for you bloggers out there to post a link to this fun new tool! :-)