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How Can Teachers REALLY Connect with Parents for Math Practice?

While there is a lot of deeper math content on this site, many visitors come here looking for help with core math facts. That includes a huge number of teachers who are tasked with getting a class full of rowdy third graders memorizing their multiplication chart by the end of the school year. This requires not just organization in class, but a lot of support from parents at home. Click to Try the
Worksheet Connect Web App!
That’s why I built the DadsWorksheets Connect web application. Using this tool, a math teacher can create a list of class students, assign a pre-defined sequence of worksheets (for example, regular subtraction practice or the SpaceShip Math Multiplication set), keep track of class progress, and send updates home to parents with reminders to practice a specific math worksheet that will help their child’s success in the classroom. Please check out this video I put together for more details (right after the obligatory silly intro, of course!)

…then give it a try yourself at the link above. If you’re a teacher, I hope you’ll give it a spin and let me know your thoughts. And if you’re a parent, please share it with your teacher or even just setup your own account (you’re a teacher, just with a much smaller class!). I’ll be adding more parent-specific capabilities soon, including the ability to setup worksheets and reminders for at-home goals!