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Recent Worksheet Updates

There’s been a flurry of minor updates that I’ve been remiss in sharing, but if regular visitors will notice a few handy additions popping up in the usual places.

Earth Day is coming next month, and it’s not necessarily a math topic I created some fun Earth Day themed worksheets and blank homework paper that are definitely a fun addition to the day’s discussion…

Math of course involves more than just arithmetic, and many topics especially when we start working with word problems need “common sense” knowledge about world facts. Measurement and probability are two common features of many word problems (and real world math!) that require a bit background information that we as adults take for granted. I was a little surprised that my younger girls had very little knowledge of playing cards, and when we saw a few word problems that assumed basic knowledge of the composition of a deck of cards it brought this knowledge gap to light pretty quickly.

To help with both probability and measurement knowledge, I created these two anchor charts that give an overview of these two topics. Try printing these out and having them on hand for word problem practice. The measurement chart is also a handy tool for the kitchen, and the probability chart has certainly proved useful on family game nights where the kids are starting to understand how likely some of those rolls of the dice turn out to be…

I hope you’ll check these resources out, and if you find them useful that they make their way into your kids math binders!

Return of the Timer!

Online Timer

The poor countdown timer here at DadsWorksheets has been neglected for some time, and with the site having gone through some significant technology upgrades, the timer became something of an orphan child, replete with scars and an inferiority complex, you know that one you keep in the closet and hope that at some point it’s just going to have an owl swoop in with an engraved invitation to go off to magic timer school where it saves the world or something.

After waiting somewhat impatiently for ANY sort of feathered visitor, I had to take matters more into my own hands, and a few thousand lines of JavaScript incantation later, I’m pleased to share with you the new countdown timer…

Online Countdown Timer

You don’t need to invoke specialis revelio to see this is a wizardly improvement over the old timer. Obliviously one big change is the circular timer graph, which provides immediate feedback about how far along the timer has progressed. It also lets you trigger sounds when the timer reaches the halfway mark or nears the end of the time you assign, and there are preset buttons like “Set Timer for 10 Minutes” and similar amounts that let you very quickly configure the timer for frequently used times.

As with the previous timer, you can save a URL that has all of your specific settings so that it’s easy to return to a timer ready to go.

While we’re using this as a timer for math tests and worksheets, it’s perfect for anything where you need a countdown. Use it as a classroom timer, a recipe timer or to keep track how long that pectrificus totalus is going last.

Accio Timer!

New Inch Measurement Worksheets

A new series of worksheets for working with inch measurements on a ruler have been posted at the link below…

Inch Measurement Worksheets

Variants of these worksheets require the student to identify specific measurements on the ruler, as well as measure the length of an object. The object starts out at the zero position, but more advanced worksheets move the object to mid-points on the ruler, requiring some fraction subtraction to get the correct total measurement.

PhotoShop is amazing… I’m particularly pleased with how well these sheets came out visually, and one of the ruler images used in the worksheets is below. Let me know what you think!

Look for metric versions to come soon… Happy measuring!

Ruler for Inch Worksheets

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