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Math Word Search Puzzles

Introducing Math Word Search Puzzles

Regular readers know Dad is all about the math worksheets, but that doesn’t mean he’s not interested in blending a little language arts skills into the mix. And that’s exactly what this new series of math word search puzzles is designed to do!

A great deal of learning in math is related to vocabulary, and when new math topics come up a big part of the overload can come in the form of trying to remember all the new terminology that shows up. And beyond that, there’s a real need to learn the correct spelling of all the new words that seems to be quickly overlooked.

Word search puzzles are one way to introduce new math vocabulary and provide a nice transition into learning and applying the new concepts.

The new puzzles cover a number of topic areas, but you’ll also find sets specific to individual grade levels that have a range of Common Core inspire terms appropriate for each age.

Give these new math word search puzzles a try, and watch this space for a big announcement soon… These word searches have been so interesting to build that I’m excited to share exactly how I built them… and how you’ll be able to build some of your own!

Printable Logic Puzzles

Are You Ready for These Logic Puzzles?

Well, the school year is in full swing and we’ve just entered the fall season in the northern hemisphere. Anyone tired of math drills yet?

I’ve had a nice collection of missing number and missing operation puzzles on the site for some time, but given the popularity of the many types of number logic puzzles you probably knew it was inevitable that I’d be making sudoku, magic squares and more at some point. So just in time to save you a entire season of math fact drudgery, I’d like to welcome you to the new logic puzzles page here at DadsWorksheets!

Printable Logic Puzzles

You will find a cool set of puzzles to start things out, including several variations of sudoku. You’ll find really challenging Samurai sudoku puzzles as well as a color sudoku for kids set that is a great way to introduce grade schoolers to puzzle solving as a coloring activity. And while these puzzles are principally targeted at kids, for you Sudoku masters out there I included a set of Evil Sudoku puzzles taken from a list of puzzles with the fewest possible clues that still insure a valid single-solution puzzle.

You will also find magic square puzzles and more as I continue to update this section with math-related puzzles for kids (and kids-at-heart.) Traditional logic word puzzles are coming soon… If you have any more ideas for printable logic puzzles, please let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!

Number Grid Puzzles

Grid Puzzle Worksheets

Multiplication drills aren’t everything, and sometimes a good puzzle is a great way to reinforce those math facts we enjoy practicing so much.

These math puzzle worksheets are a great way to work out your basic operator skills, and provide a way to develop number sense as well.

There are basic worksheets that cover the fundamental arithmetic operations…

Addition and Subtraction Puzzles

Multiplication and Division Puzzles

…as well as more advanced worksheets that mix all four operators…

All Operations Puzzles

Each series of worksheets includes variations with missing operations, missing numbers, and both. They also increase in difficulty from simple math facts all the way through four digit numbers, and there are variants with negative numbers. The puzzle sample shown here is an answer key for one of the harder multiplication and division puzzle problems.

Did you find these puzzles useful? Have any ideas for other puzzle problem worksheets? Drop a note in the comments section below and maybe your worksheet ideas will wind up here in the future…

Thanks as always and happy problem solving!

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