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Ultimate Pencils for Worksheet Marathons

If there’s one thing around here that we burn up more than paper, it’s pencils. And we’ve tried plenty of them. As a result, I’ve become something of a demented pencil snob. My fixation is your gain, however, and I have found what I think is the ideal pencil for my personal pencil cup, as well as a jumbo kid version that’s held up under the most rigorous of Rocket Math worksheet marathons.

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Review of Scholastic 100 Math Activities Kids Need to Do By 3rd Grade

Color! Wonderful Color! If your kids need bright, attention snaring, grab-your-eyeballs-and-look-at-this! graphics on each page, this volume might be the one for you.

At over 200 actual worksheets, the Scholastic 100 Math Activities books have a heft and girth to them. And, let’s not forget the advertised “nearly 500 full-color illustrations and photographs.” There’s a lot going on here. It borders on too much for this Dad, but my oldest was enamored by the full color turkey photograph that augmented one of the subtraction activities.

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Review of the Scholastic Math Practice Series

Scholastic is a long establish brand, and you would think it would be tough to go wrong buying anything with the friendly book logo stamped on the front. I fondly remember grade school and good old Scholastic News like it was yesterday. Maybe.

Many of the other Scholastic books we’ve used here have been real winners. Unfortunately, Scholastic didn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders when it put together the Math Practice series.

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Review Funny and Fabulous Fraction Stories by Dan Greenberg

Of all the challenges lined up around the math skills track, fractions can be one of the more difficult hurdles to clear. You’ll need help. Fortunately, Dan Greenberg’s cadre of fraction heroes are on hand. If Martha Crunch, Enid the Magnificant and Joe Trella, Fraction Fella, can’t clear the fog of fuzzy fifths and quirky quarters, you’ll have to call in the big guns. Of course, I mean Texarkana Bernstein, the world’s greatest adventurer, and her trusty dog, Woovis.

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Review: Dorling Kindersley Math Made Easy Series

The Dorling Kindersley Math Made Easy workbook series is one of the better investments the family has made. Each book in the series contains just over 150 pages of exercises tailored to grade-appropriate knowledge levels. We’ve worked through three of the series here and as we move up grade levels, these books are definitely one of the core resources at home.

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