Quick Update to Subtraction on the Number Line Problems

Some of the problems in the More Subtraction on the Number Line worksheets were outside the range of the number line shown to work out each problem. Got those fixed this morning, just end time for some end-of-the year subtraction review…

Price-to-Earnings and EPS Worksheets

It’s been a little slow on the worksheet front here, but I’m getting back in the swing of things. To get things started, I’ve added a few more topics to the series of investing word problem worksheets that you can find at the links below…

Earnings Per Share Worksheets

Price-to-Earnings Ratio Worksheets

We’ve been having fun learning more about some stock market math and I’ll keep expanding this section in conjunction with traditional topics…

More math worksheets to come soon! :-)

Visualizing Large Numbers with Pennies

The Marvelous Penny!

It’s an oldie, but a goodie and one we’ve used a few times here before…

The MegaPennyProject

When we start discussing topics with very large numbers, for instance the finance worksheets from earlier this week, or atomic dimensions in chemistry, it’s helpful for kids to relate it to something familiar and physical. In a more adult context, I heard someone asked in an interview to estimate the number of pennies it would take to span the Golden Gate Bridge, which in case you were wondering…

4,200 feet
12 inches
1 foot
1 penny
0.75 inches
= 67,200 pennies

Imagining physical sizes of things is a great tool, even for adults. And if you can take those thought experiments beyond the usual “how many jellybeans in the jar” questions that can be demonstrated in real life, into the realms of “how big would a million pennies be?” it helps make these millions, billions and zillions all a bit more meaningful. The illustrations at the MegaPenny project are a fun place to start.

Investing Basics and Market Capitalization Worksheets

Math plays a heavy role in finance and investing, perhaps even a bigger role than in the core sciences. A key goal in raising our girls is to make sure they grow up not just math literate, but financially literate as well.

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and their derivatives are all plenty confusing when you get started. We’ve been investing for college for some time, and I’ve used that as an opportunity to explain the abstract ideas of “owning part of a company” as being equivalent to stock or “buying part of a loan” as a bond. Getting right down to the price of these market beasties is a whole other game, though.

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Analog Elapsed Time Worksheets Updated

Reader Ann McCarty pointed out some duplicate problems showing up on the Analog Elapsed Time worksheets, specifically the sets that all start from noon and add either whole hours or hours and minutes.

All of the elapsed time worksheets should now show much more variability in problems selected on each sheet.

Analog Elapsed Time Worksheets

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