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Corrections to Division with Remainders Math Fact Worksheets

Division Worksheets with Remainders

Whoops! In some of the recent work on the site, the division worksheets featuring problems whose quotients had remainders didn’t display the remainders on the answer keys. This worksheets have been corrected.

If you haven’t had a chance to play with these, they are great practice once the basic division facts have been memorized, and simultaneously support mental subtraction skills. You probably won’t see math drills like these in a typical school setting, but they are an fantastic challenge for kids who have mastered all of their core math facts and are looking for more hurdle to clear.

Division Worksheets

Multiplication Charts!


Memorizing the multiplication table is one of the most important math skills we can teach our kids. Without multiplication fact mastery, more advanced math topics are enormously challenging. But until the multiplication facts are mastered, having a completed multiplication chart on hand is critical to getting the facts right. Studying a multiplication chart is also a great way to observe multiplication patterns.

Multiplication Charts

This page provides high resolution printable multiplication charts. Each type of chart has different versions with products from 1-81, 1-100, 1-144 and 1-225. There are several different color multiplication charts, including a multi-color rainbow version, and there is a proportioned multiplication chart with cells sized relative to the product for each multiplication fact in the table. There is also a version with each cell divided into a grid reflecting the product. All of these charts are powerful ways to visualize and memorize the multiplication table.

With a multiplication chart in hand, your little math geniuses will be ready to tackle anything on the Multiplication Worksheets page, but if you need a boost just getting the multiplication facts down pat, don’t forget Dad’s 8 Simple Rules for Mastering the Multiplication Table.

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