2nd Grade Math Worksheets

Multiplication Table

Are you looking for a printable multiplication table that has more than just the facts? One with some extra math facts about the multipliers? Or a unique design? In color? The multiplication tables on this page are all high resolution SVG files that print beautifully on your printer and are great resources for learning the times tables in the grade school classroom or at home!

Multiplication Chart

Trying to memorize the multiplication facts? This page contains printable multiplication charts that are perfect as a reference. There are different variations of each multiplication chart with facts from 1-9 (products 1-81), 1-10 (products 1-100), 1-12 (products 1-144) and 1-15 (products 1-255). Each of these multiplication charts is a high resolution SVG, so the multiplication facts print beautifully!

Hundreds Chart

Every hundreds chart you could imagine! If you're teaching basic counting, number sense, rounding or the basics of arithmetic, you can use these a number chart like these to speed up building math skills.

Addition Worksheets

This is the main page for the addition worksheets. Follow the links for Spaceship Math Addition worksheets, multiple digit addition worksheets, no-carrying addition worksheets and other addition topics. These addition worksheets are free for personal or classroom use.

Subtraction Worksheets

This is the main page for the subtraction worksheets. Follow the links for Spaceship Math Subtraction worksheets, timed subtraction tests, multiple digit subtraction worksheets, simple borrowing and regrouping worksheets, and math worksheets with mixed addition and subtraction problems

Multiplication Worksheets

This is the main page for the multiplication worksheets. Put your fingers away, because this is the first math operation where memorization of the facts is a requirement. You'll find multiplication worksheets for Dad's Eight Simple Rules for Mastering the Times Table, RocketMath Multiplication, multiple digit multiplication, squares and other multiplication worksheet topics. All of these multiplication worksheets include answer keys and are instantly printable and ready classroom or home school use.

Division Worksheets

This is the main page for the division worksheets. This includes Spaceship Math Division worksheets, multiple digit division worksheets, square root worksheets, cube roots, mixed multiplication and division worksheets. These division worksheets are free for personal or classroom use.

Fact Family Worksheets

Fact family worksheets focus on sets of related math facts, not specific operations. Teach your kids addition and subtraction at the same time, and reinforce the relationships in a fact family! Two fact families are introduced at each level and allow for progressive practice, or just use the worksheets at the end for comprehensive fact family review.

Printable Flash Cards

This page contains free printable flash cards for each math operation. Print the "worksheet" on the front, then turn the page over and print the "answer key" version on the back. Some sets have duplicate facts for the more difficult problems near the end so that the sets end up on a multiple of pages. Those cards are clearly marked as duplicates... use them for extra practice on the harder problems, or put them aside if you want a set with only one flash card for each math fact.

Spaceship Math Check-Off

Spaceship check-off pages (complete with the Spaceship ship!) for tracking progress on the Spaceship Math series for each of the four basic operations.

Missing Operations

Worksheets where the answers are provided, but the operation is missing. This is a great way to learn fact families "in reverse" or to provide reinforcement if memorization with other drills seems to have stalled.

Number Grid Puzzles

This section includes grid style math puzzle worksheets involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for different grade and skill levels.

Word Problems

Word problems spanning a range of difficulties for all the basic operations.

Money Word Problems

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems dealing with money.

Telling Analog Time

Practice worksheets for telling analog clock time, including both reading time and drawing clock faces.

Analog Elapsed Time

Worksheets comparing two clocks and determining how much time has elapsed.

Greater Than and Less Than

Practice worksheets for greater than and less than operations, comparisons and equality tests.

Place Value Chart

This page has printable place value charts. In the decimal numbering system, the position (or 'place') of an individual digit in a number determines its value relative to other digits. When a number is written in standard form with groups of three place values separated by commas, each of those groups is called a period. Building number sense by understanding place values is an important early math skill, and these place value charts provide a way to break numbers down to better understand the significane of each digit. There are place value chart variations for whole numbers only, decimal numbers, and very large numbers. There are different place value chart layouts that reinforce just the place value as well as the period value.

Standard, Expanded and Word Form

Practice worksheets for converting numbers between standard form (digits), expanded form (place value) and word form (spelled out or spoken representation).

Rounding Numbers

These section presents rounding worksheets for rounding whole numbers and rounding decimal numbers starting with relatively simple problems that introduce the rounding algorithm and then advance to more complex problems where students must determine the correct place value digit to check as well as the correct digit to round up or round down..

Graph Paper

Free printable graph paper for math exercises, crafts, zentangling, landscape design, architecture or just simple doodling. Scale may diverge slightly due to differences in printers; be sure your browser's page setup is configured to print at 100% size.

Inches Measurement

Worksheets for measuring inches on a ruler. Kindergarten, first, second grade.

Metric Measurement

Worksheets for measuring centimeters and millimeters on a ruler. Kindergarten, first, second grade.

Picture Math Multiplication

Introductory worksheets using pictures and grouping to build a conceptual understanding of multiplication. First grade, second grade and third grade.

Picture Math Division

Introductory worksheets using pictures and grouping to build a conceptual understanding of division. Second grade and third grade.

Handwriting Paper

Blank hand writing paper

Second Grade Math Worksheets

When students start 2nd grade math, they should already have good comprehension of addition and subtraction math facts. Many second graders will be ready to start working with early multiplication worksheets, perhaps with the help of a Multiplication Table
or other memory aid. Regardless, practice with math worksheets in second grade will help build solid math fact skills that a student will rely on for the rest of their studies in math. The 2nd grade math worksheets in this section include the core addition, subtraction, multiplication and (if they're ready) division fact practice. Additional topics for 2nd grade include writing numbers in expanded form, measurement, rounding and telling analog time. You will also find in this collection of 2nd grade worksheets word problems and worksheets that require students to supply missing operations in math problems.