Roman Numerals

This page contains links to free math worksheets for Roman Numerals problems. Click one of the buttons below to view a worksheet and its answer key. You can also use the 'Worksheets' menu on the side of this page to find worksheets on other math topics.

Roman Numeral Worksheets

These Roman numeral worksheets deal with translation to and from Roman numerals and Arabic numbers.

Roman Numerals

Roman Numeral Patterns

These fill-in the blank style Roman numeral pattern worksheets help students practice counting in Roman numerals and see how Roman numerals change in a sequence.

Roman Numerals

Sequence Ordering Worksheets

These worksheets require students to practice putting a list of sequential Roman numerals in their correct order. While this may not require a student to know exactly how to convert a Roman numeral, it does require them to be able to see which Roman numerals are greater than or less than others near their value.

Roman Numerals

Random Ordering Worksheets

These worksheets require students to practice putting a list of Roman numerals in the correct order. The numbers will not be in sequence, so these worksheets will are much more difficult than the ordering problems from the prior practice worksheets.

Roman Numerals

Roman Numeral Worksheets for 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade

If your students need practice with Roman numerals, these worksheets provide a range of activities designed to build up skills translating Roman numerals to regular numbers and back again. Each worksheet is printable and includes an answer key.

The first set of worksheets require students to simply convert numbers. There are several sets with with different ranges of Roman numerals to convert. The first rquires converting numbers 1-10 (Roman numeral I through Roman numeral X), the second with 1-20 (Roman numeral I through Roman numeral XX), the third with values through 50 (Roman Numeral L) and the fourth with values through 100 (Roman numeral C). The final series of worksheets are conversions of Roman numerals to corresponding to the Arabic form years.

The second group of Roman numeral practice work requires students to supply missing Roman numerals in sequences of values. As with the conversion worksheets, there are multiple sets with values through Roman numeral X, Roman Numeral XX, Roman Numeral L, Roman Numeral C and years expressed as Roman Numerals.

The final set of Roman numeral worksheets deals with putting Roman numerals in order. These worksheets will require that students know how to read Roman numerals quickly, or at least recognize when numerals are greater than or less than others in a series.

If you need more help converting Roman numerals, be sure to try out the Roman Numeral Converter for a visual explanation of how the number is constructed! It's a great tool for understanding Roman numerals and suitable for projector demonstrations.

Table of Common Roman Numerals

Roman Numeral I=1
Roman Numeral II=2
Roman Numeral III=3
Roman Numeral IV=4
Roman Numeral V=5
Roman Numeral VI=6
Roman Numeral VII=7
Roman Numeral VIII=8
Roman Numeral IX=9
Roman Numeral X=10
Roman Numeral XI=11
Roman Numeral XII=12
Roman Numeral XIII=13
Roman Numeral XIV=14
Roman Numeral XV=15
Roman Numeral XVI=16
Roman Numeral XVII=17
Roman Numeral XVII=18
Roman Numeral XIX=19
Roman Numeral XX=20
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