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Calculate the Percentage

Worksheets problems where given two numbers, determine what percentage one number is of the other number.

Calculate the Percentage Percentages Worksheet

Percent of a Number

Worksheets problems where the student is given a number and a percentage, and must find the corresponding other number.

Percent of a Number Percentages Worksheet

Percentages to Fractions

Convert percentages to reduced fractions, including percentages greater than 100%

Percentages to Fraction Worksheets

Fractions to Percentages

Each problem in these worksheets requires the student to convert a fraction to percent, including improper fractions and percentages greater than 100%

Percentages Fraction Worksheets to

Calculate Percentage

Percentage values figure prominently in many areas of mathematics, and an everyday problem is needing to calculate percentage from two numbers. These basic skills come into play when calculating the percentage of a restaurant bill to leave as a tip, calculating how much something costs after sales tax or even calculating simple measurements like body fat and BMI.

With so many applications requiring calculating percentages, they are an excellent answer to that 'What do I need math for?' question that our students love to pose. With these worksheets, students will practice how to turn a convert a fraction to percent form, change a percent to fraction form, and separately deal with percentages of two numbers presented independently.

Percentage Calculator
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