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Something New for Your Multiplication Tool Box!

Multiplication Table

My collection of multiplication charts has become one of the most popular collection of multiplication printables on the Internet, but several of you have said, “Hey Dad, where are the multiplication tables? And I haven’t had a good answer.

Until now that is!

Multiplication Table Page

Multiplication tables focus on a single set of facts, for example the times 12 multiplication table lists all of the individual facts that include 12 as one of the multiplicands. Because the facts are presented in order, they make a nice bridge between skip counting and memorization.

The multiplication table pages at the link above include versions that are suitable for reference sheets (with all of the facts solved), but there are also versions that don’t have answers (multiplication table worksheets essentially).

These multiplication tables print beautifully, and there are versions in color and B&W for each printable. You’ll find multiplication tables that have multiple fact families on them (like the multiplication table shown above), or “singles” that have exactly one multiplication table per page for a specific set of facts. Those single table pages have interesting number facts on them, which can make them a nice overview page if you’re using a “number of the week” approach to introducing multiplication facts in the classroom.

No matter how you’re tackling multiplication, I hope these help! If you like them, please consider sharing them with other teachers or parents you know via social media, or linking to the multiplication table page! Your help getting the word out there means a lot to me!

Please Stop the Divisiveness and Start Dividing

Division Worksheets

Friends! In this era of polarized political punditry, care must indeed be taken to avoid tarnishing with undeserved negativity the very verbal tools we employ. Even supposing the differences found in our associates, our family members or our beloved (or, not so much) electoral candidates are themselves perhaps less important than they seem (or, perhaps, even more not so much), irrespective of nuance, the words we use may escalate these comparisons to Brobdingnagian proportion, and in doing so toss those loyal lexical minions into the political muck.

I loathe to say that such a fate befalls our dear associate “division” and his close kin, which in political parlance has accumulated such a dreadfully undeserved connotation. Subtraction? So negative. But division, yes, division we need by our side in its purist form. This mighty mathematical sword brings so much to our struggle for the equitable partitioning of cakes and other deserts, the proportional reduction of recipes for the making of optimistically smaller quantities of these and other tasty treats, and, importantly, the required percentage calculation of caloric reduction to target weight loss after over indulgence in what may have ultimately been a non-equitable distribution of said dessert portions.

Indeed, without division, we would all be, colloquially, fat cats.

So, take cautious heed not to bandy about words such as division or divided or divisiveness with abandon lest you too sully the reputation of this fine arithmetical specimen. Instead, share with your friends these shiny new division facts worksheets that are designed to fill an otherwise unnoticed gap in the division content on the site. They will hone your skills with basic division facts grouped by distinct divisors.

And, they’re vastly more fun than watching the primary debates.

Division Worksheets

Put a Little Multiplication Chart in Your Pocket!

Math Fact Bullseye Worksheets

Sometimes a letter size piece of paper is just too much, even for a 100 multiplication facts. Sometimes you just need something a little more discrete, something that you can slip into your pocket, something you can reach for on a moment’s notice without the social stigma that comes from unfurling a giant multiplication chart out of your backpack and announcing you can’t remember the product of 6×7 to the world. Again.

Well, maybe not you, but maybe one of your budding math minions.

These miniature multiplication charts are the answer! They’re laid four up to the page, ready for your local neighborhood (or supply room) paper cutter. They’re great for taping to student desktops or math notebooks or any place where a little multiplication help might be called for. Check them out, along with their full-size brethren at the link below…

Multiplication Charts

Oh, and it’s 42 by the way. Put the chart away, seriously. It’s embarrassing.

Hit the Math Facts Bullseye!

Math Fact Bullseye Worksheets

Are your students missing the target when it comes to learning math facts? These cool new bullseye worksheets can help!

Students get bored easily with the same worksheets over and over again, but there’s no substitute for simply working the problems until the facts are mastered. These worksheets are another interesting approach that helps engage students in ways beyond just pushing the pencil down the line and filling in the answers. Try these and the spiral worksheets for a change of pace and see how much faster those math facts get memorized!

Bullseye Addition Facts Worksheets

Bullseye Subtraction Facts Worksheets

Bullseye Multiplication Facts Worksheets

Bullseye Division Facts Worksheets

Check Out These Addition, Subtraction and Division Spiral Worksheets!

Spiral Math Fact Worksheets

Were you waiting for more spiral worksheets for the other math facts? Spiral fact worksheets for addition, subtraction and division have joined the multiplication worksheets posted earlier, and you can find all of them at the links below!

Spiral Addition Math Fact Worksheets

Spiral Subtraction Math Fact Worksheets

Spiral Multiplication Math Fact Worksheets

Spiral Division Math Fact Worksheets

Looking for a New Twist on Multiplication Practice?

Spiral Multiplication Math Fact Worksheet

This is really hard for me to say, but let’s be honest. Sometimes math worksheets are linear. Sequential. Grid-like. Boring. When you’re drilling through the operations and trying to really build mastery of those math facts, working through rows and rows of problems on worksheet after worksheet can start to seem like more of the same. I know for me, just grading them, I’m really eager for even a small twist on the familiar, a touch of unique.

A touch of… spiral. Spiralness. Spirality. Spiraltaneity. Whatever.

So let me introduce to you this new worksheet layout, starting with spiral multiplication math facts. We’re still playing with them here and so far it’s a hit, but I’m definitely looking for your feedback. Getting dizzy? Too many fact problems? Or not enough? Let me know. Also, if there’s interest, I can build worksheets where the spiral is more suited for left-handed matheletes, as I think the current layout is better adapted for right handed students.

Regardless, these were a lot of fun to build and I hope you enjoy them… Worksheets for addition, subtraction and division math facts will be coming soon.

Spiral Multiplication Math Fact Worksheets

More Answer Room for 100 Problem Worksheets

Subtraction Worksheet Answer Key

If you’ve been working with the 100 problem worksheets lately, you probably noticed that the amount of space available for answers got severely compressed in one of the recent website updates… A quick fix to the layout and regeneration of the affected worksheets corrected this… Thanks to everyone who pointed this out in comments.

Place Value Charts

Place Value Chart

Learning about place value is an important step in number fluency. Decomposing multi-digit numbers into separate place values can be confusing… How do you explain a 7 might mean 7, 70 or 0.7 depending on where it shows up in a number? As adults we take place value concepts for granted, but kids learning multi-digit math need a graceful introduction to the way the base 10 number system is used to represent values greater than nine.

These place value charts are a great place to break numbers down and figure out which digit has what actual value. The charts at the link below have several different versions, including ones with and without decimals, so they can be introduced gradually or at multiple stages in the development of mathematical literacy.

There are separate versions that include the three digit groupings (“periods”) as well as more traditional versions with each place labelled completely with it’s value. Please check them out and if you have feedback, let me know in the comments!

Place Value Charts

Corrections to Division with Remainders Math Fact Worksheets

Division Worksheets with Remainders

Whoops! In some of the recent work on the site, the division worksheets featuring problems whose quotients had remainders didn’t display the remainders on the answer keys. This worksheets have been corrected.

If you haven’t had a chance to play with these, they are great practice once the basic division facts have been memorized, and simultaneously support mental subtraction skills. You probably won’t see math drills like these in a typical school setting, but they are an fantastic challenge for kids who have mastered all of their core math facts and are looking for more hurdle to clear.

Division Worksheets

Multiplication Charts!


Memorizing the multiplication table is one of the most important math skills we can teach our kids. Without multiplication fact mastery, more advanced math topics are enormously challenging. But until the multiplication facts are mastered, having a completed multiplication chart on hand is critical to getting the facts right. Studying a multiplication chart is also a great way to observe multiplication patterns.

Multiplication Charts

This page provides high resolution printable multiplication charts. Each type of chart has different versions with products from 1-81, 1-100, 1-144 and 1-225. There are several different color multiplication charts, including a multi-color rainbow version, and there is a proportioned multiplication chart with cells sized relative to the product for each multiplication fact in the table. There is also a version with each cell divided into a grid reflecting the product. All of these charts are powerful ways to visualize and memorize the multiplication table.

With a multiplication chart in hand, your little math geniuses will be ready to tackle anything on the Multiplication Worksheets page, but if you need a boost just getting the multiplication facts down pat, don’t forget Dad’s 8 Simple Rules for Mastering the Multiplication Table.