Picture Math Multiplication

This page contains links to free math worksheets for Picture Math Multiplication problems. Click one of the buttons below to view a worksheet and its answer key. You can also use the 'Worksheets' menu on the side of this page to find worksheets on other math topics.

Multiplication Word Problems

Worksheets where students use grids to solve simple multiplication word problems. These worksheets are an excellent first introduction to division concepts.

Picture Multiplication
Word Problem Introduction
Picture Multiplication
Introduction 2
Picture Multiplication
Word Problems

Multiplication Picture Math

Worksheets where students use grids to solve multiplication problems.

Picture Multiplication
Introduction 1
Picture Multiplication
Introduction 2
Picture Multiplication
Grid Matches 1
Picture Multiplication
Grid Matches by Fives
Picture Multiplication
Grid Matches 2
Picture Multiplication
Grid Matches 2

Multiplication Draw Grid

Picture math multiplication worksheets where the student must draw the grid to solve the problem.

Picture Multiplication
Draw Grid Introduction
Picture Multiplication
Draw Grid 1
Picture Multiplication
Draw Grid by Fives
Picture Multiplication
Draw Grid 2

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