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Long Division Worksheets Updated

We rounded out the school year with a taste of long division, which quickly exhausted the site's light treatment of worksheets in this category. A few more fine tuned levels of difficulty, in addition to just a larger number of worksheets, have been added. Also, when we ran through several sheets here I noticed a large fraction of problems that had 1 as a divisor... Not exactly challenging for a division problem. These lightweights have been filtered out. The answer keys for long division are especially helpful because they show the actual steps to solve the problem. Showing detailed answers to a long division problem is important given the number of different procedures and operations (and the corresponding opportunities to drive right off the road in the process of reaching the solution). The old Python logic that generates the long division answers worked in general cases, but was a little flaky in spots when multiple digits had to be brought down to satisfy the divisor in a step. It desperately needed refactoring, and the new solution is much more robust. Significantly improved long division worksheets have been posted at the link below (or as usual, in the 'Worksheets' menu to the right), just in time for your summer review sessions! Long Division Worksheets