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Missing Operations

This section provides math worksheets where the facts and answers are provided, but the operation is missing. Fill-in-the-operation worksheets are a great way to learn fact families 'in reverse' or to provide reinforcement if memorization with other practice drills seems to have stalled. These are great practice for early grades where addition and subtraction have both been introduced, or later in 4th and 5th grade while learning both multiplication and division facts.

Missing Operation Worksheets, Fact Families and Math Fact Mastery

If you are learning math facts, especially if you are using fact families, these mixed missing operation worksheets are a powerful tool for developing number sense as well as an intuition about which operation is important to solve various problems. This skill can be an especially important one when solving word problems and it can help get beyond rote memorization and into more concrete mental models of numbers.

Once students have been introduced to addition and subtraction usually by the end of second grade, they may struggle when confronted with mixed worksheets that have both operations on them. These missing operation worksheets can help them develop the skills to know immediately which operation is appropriate based on whether a problem's answer is larger (addition) or smaller (subtraction) than it's operations.

Multiplication and division fact families are critical steps in learning basic math, but relationships here can seem difficult if students haven't developed an intuitive number sense. These missing operation worksheets are a great exercies because they can help students understand that division facts produce smaller answers (quotients) and multiplicaiton facts produce larger answers (products.) These can be powerful tools for 5th grade or 6th grade students who are still struggling with multiplication and division concepts.

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