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Negative Numbers

These negative numbers worksheets will have your kids working with positive and negative integers in no time! Starting with adding and subtracting negative numbers, and gradully work up to multiplying and dividing negative numbers, multiplying multi-digit negative numbers and long division for negative numbers.

Solving Math Problems with Negative Numbers

Negative numbers is a math topic that typically comes into play around 6th grade, and it's introduced as part of the Common Core standard at that grade level.

Negative numbers appear in a variety of situations in applied math. Often you'll see negative numbers directly in measurements, for example measuring altitude above or below sea level, temperature above or below freezing or in financial applications with positive and negative amounts of money. A more frequent, but also more abstract, application of negative numbers is dealing with rates of change. You will also encounter negative values in geometry when graphing in various quadrants on a coordinate plane. And of course, as you make your way into algebra and more advanced geometry, negative numbers play an increasingly important role.

Kids in the late primary grades should be capable of reasoning about negative integers on the number line, and this is usually a good place to start exploring the basic math operations with negative numbers. This is also a good way to start visualizing how the rules for signed numbers work. The two critical ones to learn are that a subtracting a negative number is the same as addition, and that multiplying two negative numbers yields a positive product. Most of the other behaviors of negative numbers with the conventional math operations seem to be straightforward and intuitive, but memorizing those two rules will give your grade schoolers a solid start. For more on the rules for managing signs with negative numbers for the various operations, see the respective worksheet pages for a complete discussion and tips.

The worksheets on this page introduce adding and subtracting negative numbers, as well as multiplying and dividing negative numbers. The initial sets deal with small integers before moving on to multi-digit multiplication and long division with negatives. Regardless of where you're at in your process of learning negative numbers, these worksheets will give your students plenty of practice when they need to master this often negative topic!