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Negative Numbers: Multi-Digit Multiplication

If you have mastered basic multiplication with negative integers, these worksheets for multiple digit multiplication will give your negative number skills a more thorough test.

Multiplying Multi-Digit Negative Numbers

If you've practiced a worksheet or two from the preceeding section, then you'll know the drill here. Multi-digit multiplication of negative numbers follows the same rules as regular multi-digit multiplication, with the added necessity of keeping track of the signs on the multiplicands...

  • A positive times a positive is a positive number
  • A negative times a negative is a positive number
  • A positive times a negative is a negative number
  • A negative times a positive is a negative number

Multiplying with multi-digit negative numbers is fairly easy if you've already mastered multi-digit multiplication. The easiest approach is to figure out the sign of the answer using the multiplication rules above, then solve the multiplication problem normally as if both numbers were positive. Once complete, as a final step assign the correct sign to the product and you're done!