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Multiplication and Division Missing Operation Worksheets

Put your fingers away, boys and girls! If you are learning multiplication and division fact families, you need to memorize the facts, but if you don't even know where to start just understanding which result makes sense can be a good step. These missing operator worksheets for multiplication and division build basic number sense and will get you on the way multiplying and dividing like a professional.

Mixed Multiplication and Division Worksheets With Missing Operations

The missing operator worksheets in this section focus on multiplication and division, which is important because these math fact families are the first that require memorization of the facts so they can be more challenging for grade school children used to finger counting to solve problems. Multiplication facts are an especially challenging milestone, and while early strategies like skip counting can help bridge the gap between addition and multiplication, many times the values associated with multiplication (and division) facts can seem completely random.

We often work through this by introducing multiplication and division fact families, but even relationships here can seem difficult if students haven't developed an intuitive number sense. These missing operation worksheets are a great exercises because they can help students understand that division facts produce smaller answers (quotients) and multiplication facts produce larger answers (products.)

But even once the multiplication and division facts are memorized, it's easy for students to fall into 'multiplication mode' or 'division mode' when confronted with problems where the operation isn't explicit. This is a common problem in word problems where we need to use verbal strategies and cues to determine what operation is needed to solve a particular problem.

If you're working with multiplication and division fact families and struggling, this small extra bit of information might be just the push necessary. If so, give these math worksheets a try and also be sure to check out the fact family worksheets below if you haven't already!

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