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Fraction Multiplication Worksheets Posted

Work on fractions continues, and I'm pleased to welcome the new fraction multiplication worksheets to the fold. The new worksheets are broken out into different categories that deal with whole numbers in problems, as well as cross-canceling factors prior to performing the multiplication step. These steps are illustrated on the answer keys, which themselves can serve as very useful tools in teaching more complex fraction multiplication problems. In the process of completing these, some enhancements to the answer keys for the fraction addition and fraction subtraction answer keys were made. While the answers themselves remain the same, the steps shown to reach the final answer should pick intermediate factors that are closer to what you would do by working the problem by hand. Overall, I'm very pleased with the way the answer keys for the fraction worksheets show the steps to reach a solution... I hope they're useful for you and your students! You can find the new worksheets at the link below, or by using the Worksheet menu on most pages of the site. Multiplying Fractions Worksheets Also try a few fraction multiplication problems on the online fraction calculator!