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Multiplication Worksheets Updated

Learning multiplication is one of the big milestones in learning math. I’ve touched on it before and I imagine this won’t be the last time either. Your school may be using Mad Minutes or Rocket Math or similar timed drills to teach multiplication, but no matter how you approach it, learning multiplication is about worksheets. Lots and lots of multiplication worksheets. This summer marked the start of teaching my youngest daughter her times tables, and even with the all the earlier worksheets on the site, we managed to identify a few gaps. Here’s a breakdown of the strategy we’ve been using and a link to our new favorite worksheet…

  • Master Dad’s 8 Rules for Learning Multiplication These sheets build the basic skills necessary to figure out the answer to a multiplication fact if it isn’t memorized.
  • Fill in a Multiplication Grid Worksheet at the start of big practice sessions. This can be used as a “cheat sheet” if necessary, but it also helps get some of the facts straight before the pressure of a timed test.
  • Drill with comprehensive worksheets. The current favorite is a new one we just added: 100 Problem Multiplication Worksheet, No x0, x1 or x2. Versions of this worksheet basically has all the easy multiplication problems stripped out, so it’s a great exercise for mastering the facts.
  • When we uncover specific multiplication facts that are giving us problems, we either use the Spaceship Math pages or the Conventional Multiplication Series worksheets to reinforce the problem fact. Regardless of how you approach it, the site here has a a number of different worksheet series to help you. In addition to the new sheets without 0, 1 and 2 mentioned above, you can find new two minute practice worksheets in the conventional multiplication series at the link here… Conventional Two Minute Multiplication Worksheets If you have an idea for worksheets, leave a comment here, or if one of these is working well for you, consider giving a Google “+1” click under the logo above so other multiplication seekers can find success here as well! Hope your summer vacation has been great!