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Put a Little Multiplication Chart in Your Pocket!

Math Fact Bullseye Worksheets Sometimes a letter size piece of paper is just too much, even for a 100 multiplication facts. Sometimes you just need something a little more discrete, something that you can slip into your pocket, something you can reach for on a moment's notice without the social stigma that comes from unfurling a giant multiplication chart out of your backpack and announcing you can't remember the product of 6x7 to the world. Again. Well, maybe not you, but maybe one of your budding math minions. These miniature multiplication charts are the answer! They're laid four up to the page, ready for your local neighborhood (or supply room) paper cutter. They're great for taping to student desktops or math notebooks or any place where a little multiplication help might be called for. Check them out, along with their full-size brethren at the link below... Multiplication Charts Oh, and it's 42 by the way. Put the chart away, seriously. It's embarrassing.