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Color Rounding Chart

Use colors to make rounding numbers a bit more interesting. This hundreds number chart uses colors to help guide students when rounding off numbers.

Using a Hundreds Chart for Rounding

If you imaging rounding as a math skill that begins with locating numbers on a hundreds chart, then these color rounding charts will be a fun step in the right direction.

We often use rounding as a way to simplify several numbers in a group so that we can more easily perform an operation on them. For example, if you had a set of numbers that you could round to the nearest ten's palce, adding those numbers up in your head can be a lot less daunting. If the volume of numbers is reasonable and the numbers are evently distributed, the error due to rounding will gradually reduce.

However, rounding comes in to play in many other activities including measurement. When science class comes knocking, it's important that rounding skills were mastered previously in lower grades.

These rounding charts deal with rounding to the nearest ten's decimal place. This is the first rounding task that a student will typically encounter, and it is the fundamental skill needed when rounding to other precisions to the left or to the right of the decimal.

When looking at rounding using a hundreds chart, students can focus on the idea that the direct you would round is identified by the smaller place value (in this case, the one's place value). The rounding charts on this page can be used along with other rounding practice, including these...

Rounding Numbers Worksheets

Rounding numbers is skill appropriate in early grades after the introduction of place value concepts and is specified as part of Common Core (specifically, CCS.MATH.CONTENT.3.NBT.A.1) for introduction in third grade.

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