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Printable Hundreds Chart

This is plain version of a printable 100s chart, including a number chart that is missing numbers as well as a blank hundreds chart that the student must fill in to use.

How to Use a Hundreds Chart

The basic hundreds charts on this page can be used for a variety of fun activities that help foster number sense in your students. You can introduce hundreds charts as soon as students are comfortable counting to one hundred. You can use the number charts with missing numbers to facilitate fill-in counting activities.

First grade and second grade students will be comfortable navigating the hundreds chart to find changes in values, moving vertically to affect then 10's place value and horizontally to change the one's place value. Try using the window pools printable on the main hundreds chart page to print an interactive tool that facilitates this sort of activity.

Hundreds charts are a great tool for practicing skip counting, and these black and white charts can be used to have students count by a number and color in the values to form their own patterns or artwork on the chart.

Regardless, experiment with different activities! Use the hundreds chart for counting exercises, dice games or more! Try cutting the chart up and having students re-assemble the parts, or oll the chart into a tube to show how values continue from row-to-row.

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