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Multiplication Chart: Multiplication Chart 50x50

This 50x50 multiplication reference chart goes all the way to 2500! Here's a wakeup call for those middle school students who think multiplication facts stop at 100!

Mine the Depths of the Multiplication Table with this 50x50 Chart!

If you're exploring multiplication with larger multiplicands, this 50x50 chart can be a useful reference tool. This chart provides a ready way to look at problems covering multiplicands 1-30 compared to the usual smaller tables we use to learn the times table. This chart also highlights the perfect multiplication squares, which is helpful when navigating a number chart of this magnitude.

Observing how multiplication products change within a series of problems across larger ranges of numbers can develop a number sense in ways that basic times table practice only begins to reveal. Explore the patterns on this multiplication chart, or just use it as a reference when you need to multiply larger numbers.

If you are looking for more variety, be sure to check out some of the dozens of other versions at the main multiplication chart page!

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Multiplication Chart 50x50