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Coordinate Plane: Coordinate Plane With Labeled Edges

Printable coordinate planes in inch and metric dimensions in various sizes, great for plotting equations, geometry problems or other similar math problems. These are full four-quadrant graphs. These coordinate planes have x axis and y axis labels along the outer edge of the page.

Coordinate Planes With Labeled Edges

The coordinate planes on this page provide an alternative to numbers labelling each axis by instead numbering the outer edge of the coordinate grid. This provides an important advantage over traditional axis labels in that there is much less clutter right around the axis where there is often a lot of interesting behavior happening in your equations. Moving the labels to the outer edge of the coordinate plane helps keep the area around each axis as well as the origin a lot easier to read.

The coordinate planes come in various inch and centimeter dimensioned sizes, which has the effect of giving you greater or smaller ranges on each edge as needed.

If you would prefer not having the edge labels shown, follow this link for a set of printable coordinate planes without labels.