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5x5 Magic Square

Normal 5x5 magic squares have numbers from 1-25 and can be a real brain twister. The non-normal versions of the 5x5 puzzles are great exercises for kids (or adults!) who have solid problem solving skills.

Printable PDFs of 5x5 Magic Square Puzzles

If you've worked the puzzles in the previous sections, you're ready for these 5x5 (order 5) magic squares!

The worksheets with normal variations of these puzzles (5x5 puzzles that contain only 1-25 in their cells) have a magic constant of 65 no matter how the numbers are arranged in each puzzle.

The later puzzles in this section are non-normal magic squares, so the sums for those puzzles will be a value larger than 65... Part of the extra challenge of solving these puzzles is determining what the correct sum will be.

A 5x5 magic square has exactly 275,305,224 distinct normal solutions (ones that are unique ignoring variations that are reflections or rotations). That's a lot of puzzles! The puzzles here are a random selection that should keep you busy.