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Blank Sudoku

Started a sudoku puzzle and maybe gone down the wrong path? Maybe a LONG way down the wrong path? You can always reprint Dad's PDF puzzles here, but if you've started one from somewhere else maybe you need one of these blank sudoku grids to help you out...

Print these Blank Sudoku Grids to Get Out of Trouble...

We've all done it, gotten halfway through a sudoku, a hard sudoku, and realized there as a spot several steps back where you chose the wrong number for a space. You're choices here are simple... Either out comes the eraser (good grief, you didn't use a pen, did you?) or print out one of these blank sudoku forms and try again.

Sure, if you're solving one my PDF sudoku's here you can always print another puzzle and start over from there, but if you're working a sudoku from a magazine or newspaper these blank grids can be a lifesaver. Or use them to build your own sudoku puzzles!