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  • Addition Worksheets for Time Multiples of 15
  • Addition Worksheets for Quarters Multiples of 25
  • Addition Worksheets for Dimes Multiples of 10
  • Addition Worksheets for Nickels Multiples of 5
  • Addition Worksheets Problems for Money

Addition Worksheets:

These addition worksheets provide sample programs that should help develop skills for specific applications of addition (addition with time, money, multiples of 5, etc.)

Addition for Time: Multiples of 15

Addition for Quarters: Multiples of 25

Addition for Dimes: Multiples of 10

Addition for Nickels: Multiples of 5

Addition Problems for Money

Addition Worksheets for Time and Money

It is common to deal with numbers that fit into our units of time and money, and mastering the ability to add multiples of values like 15 or 25 gives students a leg-up when they encounter these figures in addition applications. The worksheets in this section deal with addends that focus on values you would commonly encounter when working with time or money problems. Building student comfort with these facts will prepare them for word problems or standardized tests that work with both clocks and currency.

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