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Addition Worksheets:
Doubling Addition

Practice addition worksheets for doubling values. Includes worksheets for single digit addition, two digit addition that require no borrowing (mental addition) and for addition worksheets for factor of five. These addition worksheets are great tools for place-value concepts.

Single Digit Doubling

Teens Doubling

Twenties Doubling

Thirties Doubling

Forties Doubling

Fifties Doubling

Sixties Doubling

Seventies Doubling

Eighties Doubling

Nineties Doubling

Doubling Two Digits (No Carrying)

Doubling Two Digits (Factors of Five)

Doubling Two Digits (Teens Through Forties)

Doubling Two Digits (Forties Through Nineties)

Doubling Two Digits (All Problems)

Doubling Worksheets

Apart from learning how to multiply by two, doubling numbers is itself a useful skill that applies in many day-to-day activities. These addition worksheets focus on doubling of one and two digit numbers. This not only reinforces the essential addition facts, it helps in building the skills necessary to quickly solve multiple digit addition problems and regrouping mentally. Because the basic operations are a smaller subset of the math facts, it can encourage students to work on the steps for multiple digit addition.

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