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Addition Worksheets: Addition Fact Circles

These addition worksheets emphasize groups of related facts and there are variations with the facts in order to facilitate skip counting, or with random products that help facilitate fact memorization. Try the variations with all facts, or print the worksheets that focus only on specific families of multiplication facts that need more practice!

These Addition Facts Have Me Spinning in Circles!

There's something to be said for grouping math facts in a way that makes seeing patterns and memorizing them an easier task to manage. These worksheets collect Addition facts into groups with a common addend into a clever circular pattern. These addition worksheets are a great alternative to simple addition fact drills or flash cards, and there are different groups of worksheets on this page the focus on smaller addition facts all the way through two digit sums.If these unique addition worksheets help, also be sure to check out the similar circle worksheets for subtraction, multiplication and division!