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Addition Worksheets: Spiral Addition Facts

Tired of the same old math fact worksheets with rows and rows of problems? Time to try something unique. These worksheets present the addition facts in a spiral layout that provides fun a twist on memorization. They use the same fact layouts as the spaceship math addition worksheets above, so try the first two sets worksheets if you are looking for the full set of addition facts or practice without the easier problems, or look at the others for an incremental approach to learning the facts.

A Unique Twist on Addition Worksheets

These addition worksheets can be mixed with the one minute and two minute addition facts worksheets from the previous two sections to provide a change of direction when it gets to be tedious working all those rows and rows of addition facts. Each worksheet has 144 facts presented in a circular pattern that requires the student to turn the page as they work through the list of problems, which can help slow students down a bit. This may be a help when students feel frustrated keeping pace with traditional grid timed tests, or just as a kind of break from the routine. Try these if your student is stuck on a particular level, or use them as a final test when they've mastered a particular set of addition facts to change things up.