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Area and Perimeter

The area and perimeter worksheets on this page start with requiring students to calculate area and perimeter of basic shapes such as triangles, squares, circles and ellipses. An additional set of worksheets includes examples of area nad perimeter problems for a mix of primitive shapes.

Additional worksheets with compound shapes require students to calculate missing dimensions and use problem solving skills and strategies to calculate area and perimeter. On these problems, students will need to add or subtract the area or perimeter values of primitive shapes from each other in order to find the value for a compound shape. In some cases, individual dimensions may be missing and students will need to calculate the missing dimension using other values in the problem.

All of these worksheets include answer keys that break down the strategies used to solve the perimeter and area problems. In cases where multiple steps are required, each individual perimeter or area calculation is shown as well as how it is added or subtracted to get the final area and perimeter values for the answer.