Math Worksheets

Customary and Metric: Metric to Customary Length

Unit conversion worksheets for converting metric/SI unit lengths (meter base units) to customary units.

Centimeters to Feet, Meters to Miles and other More Complex Conversion Worksheets

Metric to customary conversion worksheets can require the application of several conversion factors to find the answers. Unless a conversion is simple, such as centimeters to inches, where the conversion involves multiplying or dividing by a simple constant factor, the process may require multiple conversions to intermediate units. For example, converting centimeters to feet might require dividing the number of centimeters by 2.54 to get a number of inches, and then dividing by twelve to get the number of feet (the quotient) and inches (the remainder). The conversion worksheets in this section focus on multi-stage conversions, and the answer keys provide detailed steps as each conversion factor is applied to get the final answer.