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Customary Unit Conversions: Distance Conversion

Unit conversion worksheets for converting between customary distance units, including inches, feet, yards and miles.

Inches to Feet, Feet to Miles and Customary Distance Conversion

Conversions within the customary measurement system are more complex than metric system conversions because they require memorizing specific constants to use as conversion factors. The basic conversion to memorize is for inches to feet. There are 12 inches in each foot, so converting between feet and inches involves either multiplying feet by 12 to get inches or dividing inches by twelve to get feet. Other conversion factors work there the same way. There are three feet in a yard and 5280 feet in a mile. Using these constants, you can convert easily between any of the customary distance measurements. The conversion worksheets on this page start with a given measurement and the student is asked to use unity fractions to convert the measurement to the correct value. The worksheets start with less complex problems (inches to feet and feet to inches) and then progress to more complex problems that might require multiple steps (inches to miles for example). The answer keys to these worksheets have detailed breakdowns of the calculation shown as unity fractions and are a good illustration of how to cross-cancel units.