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Division Worksheets: SpaceshipMath Division - Just Whole Facts

The Spaceship/RocketMath division worksheets above include division problems where the divisor is less than the dividend, and the quotient is always zero. If you are looking for division worksheets with just the whole answer division facts, the worksheet set below has you covered!"

Division Worksheets with Whole Facts

Okay, we love the Spaceship Math Division fact worksheets and all the add-ons that let you learn larger facts or practice longer tests. Like I mentioned previously, my daughter learned her division facts with this series and it's a very common approach used in many schools. But, in my mind this series of division worksheets has a confusing flaw. At level G, these worksheets introduce division facts with divisors larger than the dividend, and the canonical answer to these problems is, not a remeinder or a fraction, but the integer zero. Which to me not only seems arbitrary, but just flat out wrong.

And that's where this series of fact worksheets steps in. This is the series I wish my daughter's school had used as it skips that strange quirk and focuses only on division facts that have real honest-to-goodness integer quotients. There is plenty of time to learn about reminders and fractional quotients, and in fact you can find a number of division worksheet series on the main Division Worksheets page that do exactly that. Meanwhile, make use of this division fact series to REALLY get your fact practice in!